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2014 SES Seminar Schedule
Coffee time at 3:30 pm. All seminars are at 4:00 pm in Mendenhall Laboratory Room 291 unless otherwise noted.
Date Speaker Title
  2014-01-06 Dr. Erica Emry
Penn State University
Hosted by Anne Carey
"Shallow Earthquakes at Western Pacific Subduction Zones: Implications for Subduction Zone Water Budgets"
  2014-01-16 Ganming Liu
The Ohio State University
Hosted by Larry Krissek
Climatic Forcings and American's Duck Factory: Exploring The Climate- driven Variability in Lakes and Wetlands Across The Prairie Pothole Region
  2014-01-23 Dr. Youyi Ruan
Brown University Department of Geological Sciences
Hosted by Anne Carey
Seismic Tomography—Imaging Temperature and Water in the Deep Earth
  2014-01-30 Dr. Derek Sawyer
University of Kentucky Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Hosted by Anne Carey
Role of Dynamic Sedimentary Systems on Geohazards and Energy Exploration
  2014-02-13 Abinash Agrawal
Wright State University
Hosted by Yo Chin
Reactivity of Stabilized Nanoscale Fe Particles Toward Groundwater Pollutants
  2014-02-19 Matt Schreuk
Michigan State University
Hosted by Mike Wilkins
Serpentinization, Carbon, and Deep Life
  2014-02-27 Larry Witmer
Ohio University
Hosted by Dale Gnidovec/ Bill Ausich
Visible Interactive Dinosaur Project: Fleshing Out Dinosaur Head Anatomy and Function with Advanced 3D Imaging
  2014-03-20 Earth Sciences 4530 Students
The Ohio State University
Hosted by Anne Carey
Undergraduate Poster Session
  2014-03-27 Gaj Sivandran
The Ohio State University
Hosted by Berry Lyons
Incorporating below-ground processes into eco-hydrological modeling
  2014-04-17 Craig Manning
Hosted by Berry Lyons
Deep Water: New Insights into Geologic Fluids of the Deep Crust
  2014-04-21 Anthony Koppers
Oregon State University
Hosted by Ann Cook
Drilling Hotspots to Unravel the Mantle Wind
  2014-04-24 Julia Young, Natasha Lewis, Colin Whyte, Shannon Hibbard
OSU School of Earth Sciences
Hosted by OSU School of Earth Sciences
The Role of Bedrock Geology on the Aqueous Chemistry in Cantabrian Rivers, Spain; Coupling of Carbonate Associated Sulfate and Carbon Isotope Trends in Middle Ordovician Strata from Meiklejohn Peak, Nevada: Implications for Atmospheric O2; Record of Ice Rafted Debris abundance variations at IODP Site 1308 in Central North Atlantic from 500,000 to 850,000 years ago; Controls on gravel composition in a proglacial environment, Kaunertal, Austria
  2014-09-11 Jeremy Williams
Hosted by Tom Darrah/ Berry Lyons
"Black Shales Through Time: Understanding Their Significance from a Geological Perspective"
  2014-09-18 Brenda Hunda
Cinncinnati Museum Center
Hosted by Bill Ausich
"Stability and Intensity of Regimes over Longer Time Intervals: Implications for Interpreting Stratophenetic Patterns in The Fossil Record"
  2014-09-25 Anne Jefferson
Kent State University
Hosted by Anne Carey/ Berry Lyons
"Complexity: Process Insights in Urban and Restored Streams"
  2014-10-02 Mike Jasinski
Hosted by CK Shum
ICESat-2 and The Advent of Satellite LIDAR Hydrology
  2014-10-15 Susan Solomon
Hosted by Berry Lyons
Bownocker Distinguished Lectures title: "Emerging Signals of Climate Change: Where in the World Will the Climate Change First?"
  2014-10-16 Susan Solomon
Hosted by Berry Lyons
Bownocker Distinguished Lectures title: "Ozone Depletion: An Enduring Challenge"
  2014-10-30 TBA

Hosted by
  2014-11-13 Alex Gardner
Hosted by Ian Howat
"Glacier Wastage and Sea Level Rise"
  2014-11-20 Kelly Wrighton
Dept. of Microbiology, OSU
Hosted by Berry Lyons/ Mike Wilkins