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2014 SES Seminar Schedule
Coffee time at 3:30 pm. All seminars are at 4:00 pm in Mendenhall Laboratory Room 291 unless otherwise noted.
Date Speaker Title
  2014-01-06 Dr. Erica Emry
Penn State University
Hosted by Anne Carey
"Shallow Earthquakes at Western Pacific Subduction Zones: Implications for Subduction Zone Water Budgets"
  2014-01-16 Ganming Liu
The Ohio State University
Hosted by Larry Krissek
Climatic Forcings and American's Duck Factory: Exploring The Climate- driven Variability in Lakes and Wetlands Across The Prairie Pothole Region
  2014-01-23 Dr. Youyi Ruan
Brown University Department of Geological Sciences
Hosted by Anne Carey
Seismic Tomography—Imaging Temperature and Water in the Deep Earth
  2014-01-30 Dr. Derek Sawyer
University of Kentucky Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Hosted by Anne Carey
Role of Dynamic Sedimentary Systems on Geohazards and Energy Exploration
  2014-02-13 Abinash Agrawal
Wright State University
Hosted by Yo Chin
Reactivity of Stabilized Nanoscale Fe Particles Toward Groundwater Pollutants
  2014-02-19 Matt Schreuk
Michigan State University
Hosted by Mike Wilkins
Serpentinization, Carbon, and Deep Life
  2014-02-27 Larry Witmer
Ohio University
Hosted by Dale Gnidovec/ Bill Ausich
Visible Interactive Dinosaur Project: Fleshing Out Dinosaur Head Anatomy and Function with Advanced 3D Imaging
  2014-03-20 Earth Sciences 4530 Students
The Ohio State University
Hosted by Anne Carey
Undergraduate Poster Session
  2014-03-27 Gaj Sivandran
The Ohio State University
Hosted by Berry Lyons
Incorporating below-ground processes into eco-hydrological modeling
  2014-04-17 Craig Manning
Hosted by Berry Lyons
Deep Water: New Insights into Geologic Fluids of the Deep Crust
  2014-04-21 Anthony Koppers
Oregon State University
Hosted by Ann Cook
Drilling Hotspots to Unravel the Mantle Wind