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Graduate student Branwen Williams (PhD 2009) conducting fieldwork in Palau (Andrea Grottoli)
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Grad Students

Grad Students


By entering our graduate programs in Earth Sciences, or Geodetic Science & Surveying, you will become a part of one of the nation's premier research universities. Over the last five years, the faculty of our school have brought in over $20 million in federal research funding from NSF, NASA, DOD, DOE, EPA, NOAA, and NIH, and published more than 500 referred papers in journals such as Science and Nature. These numbers quantify the excellence that is an integral part of our growing School of Earth Sciences.

What Our Grad Program Offers

The overall goal of the Graduate Degree Program in the School of Earth Sciences is to provide students the opportunity to develop advanced professional training in the Earth and Environmental Sciences and Geodetic Science. Specific objectives of the program include providing students opportunities to:

  • Participate in advanced classes and seminars
  • Conduct independent research on fundamental issues in the Earth and Environmental Sciences

Applying to Our Graduate Program

Below are guidelines for applying to our graduate program. Ohio State University operates on the semester system.

  • Decide on your study area. See following pages of brochure or visit our website.
  • Contact potential advisors by phone or email. This is optional, but it is strongly recommended.
  • Apply for admission to the School of Earth Sciences using the online application at
  • Applicants applying for fellowships and/or assistantships should check the appropriate boxes on the Graduate School application. The deadline to apply for Ohio State University Fellowships is December 12 for U.S. students (Nov 30 for International students). The committee will meet to review Fellowship applications on the afternoon of Dec 12. The official deadline to be considered for School of Earth Sciences funding (Teaching and Research Assistant) is January 7.
  • You can check the status of your application by contacting Ms. Angie Rogers (614-292-8746;, or by checking the Graduate School's website at